Thermosetting plastics

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Thermosets are polymers that are produced in a curing process from a melt or release of the components by a cross-linkage reaction. The warming of thermosets does not result in plastic deformability, but rather merely to their decomposition. Cured thermosets are mostly hard and brittle and only machinable in the subsequent production process.


Bakelite is a duroplastic material based on phenolic resin, which was developed in 1905 by the Belgian chemist Leo Hendrik Baekeland and named after him. The heat stable phenoplastic material Bakelite was the first industrially produced plastic. Bakelite molded parts are manufactured by compression molding and hardening a phenolic resin/filler mixture in a heated mold.

Bakelite® and Bakelit® are registered trademarks of Hexion Specialty Chemicals GmbH in Germany – Bakelite is also the everyday name.

We require a test milling for this material.

Synthetic resin bonded paper (Pertinax)

Pertinax is a fiber composite material made of paper and a phenol-formaldehyde synthetic resin (phenoplast). This so-called bonded paper is used in electrical engineering and electronics as an insulating material and insulating substrate for electronic components and printed circuits, mainly in the form of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

From Pertinax, as well as from the related bakelite and the so-called laminated fabric, small amounts of phenol and formaldehyde always evaporate, which not only produces a strong odor, but also a health risk especially in mechanical processing.

This material can be processed without test milling.

Epoxy resin

An epoxy resin (abbreviated EP) is composed of polymers (polyethers), which according to the reaction yield a duroplastic material of high strength and chemical resistance upon the addition of suitable curing agents. When epoxy resin and curing agents are mixed, the initially viscous mixture usually takes between a few minutes and several hours to cure, depending on composition and temperature.

This material can be processed without test milling.

Other thermosets

Please contact us for a test milling of thermosetting plastics that are not listed here. We would be happy to extend the corresponding list.