customer-supplied material

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You can also use "Front Panel Designer" in order to have your own material, semi-finished or finished parts, such as enclosure covers, etc. processed. The information listed on this page will help you with the organization and selection of material provision.

"Customer-supplied material" option

If you want to supply your own material for front panel processing, please check the box "Use customer provided material" in the "Front panel properties" dialog box (Ctrl + f). We will then wait for your provision. Otherwise we would automatically execute your order with the selected panel material.

The "origin" on customer-supplied material

As a matter of principle our production considers the physical lower left corner of the material provided to be identical to the lower left corner of the main plate of the corresponding file (which in principle represents the reference point of the origin).

If these two points do not match, the origin must either be marked on the panel or described elsewhere. Please take into account manufacturing tolerances, which may be connected with diverging origins.

Source materials

The supplied material must always be among the materials described on the aluminium, non-ferrous metals and plastics pages.

Please contact us if you cannot specifically classify your supplied material. Processing samples are possible.

Please describe the nature of the source material in the input field "Remarks for production" in the "Front panel properties" dialog box (Ctrl + f) regardless of whether it is listed in the Material list box or not.

Clamping and machinability

The same geometrical restrictions apply to supplied panels as to our own panel material (see the relevant tables, for example, for aluminium and brass).

We are also able to process other shapes than panels, provided these can be clamped in one of our milling machines and as long as their height is compatible with the assembly and method of operation of our milling machines. Clamping and machinability can either be clarified by a technical drawing or with a sample.

Please send your request, including technical drawings to the Contact e-mail address.

Processing different thicknesses on a part

If there are areas in your material with different thicknesses which are to be cut out or have holes drilled in, please use the largest existing thickness for the main plate.

The procedure for the provision of your material

So that supplied material and data transmitted online can be brought together easily, please send your material quoting the reference number from your online order to the shipping address for customer-supplied material at Contact .

Alternatively, instead of transmitting your order online, you can generate an encrypted Order file (*.fpa2 file) at the end the ordering process, add it on a diskette/CD/USB stick, etc. to your supplied material, and send this to us with your written request.