Front panel with labelling
Every front panel is an individual item. The production price is determined by the individual design. Front Panel Designer gives you full control over costs:
You can display the final price at any time during the design process and understand it with the help of the detailed itemisation. Price examples for front panels can be found under Inspiration.
Front panel with labelling
Five identical front panels, red anodised
We offer a volume discount when five or more units of the same front panel are ordered. An automatic discount scale, which is also shown to you in the price calculation in Front Panel Designer, is applied to quantities of up to 29 units. Information on larger volumes (30 units or more) can be provided on request.
1–4 units
5–9 units
10–19 units
20–29 units
30 units or more
On request
Volume discounts apply to front panels produced from our material. If you supply the material, the percentage discounts are halved.
The delivery time for order values up to €900 net is normally five working days (maximum eight working days). For larger orders and special procurement, production may take a little longer. Faster deliveries are available for a surcharge.
Surcharges for faster production:
Delivery time
5–8 working days
3 working days
1 working day
Five identical front panels, red anodised
You can choose standard delivery and express delivery for all countries, and collection for Germany. The expected delivery date and shipping costs are shown during the order process. Saturday delivery is available for a surcharge.
Shipping times and options in Germany:
  • Standard: Shipping time in Germany is 1 to 2 working days.
  • Express: Delivery next working day before 10:30 am in Germany.
  • Courier: Courier service in Berlin.
  • Collection: Pick up your order yourself from our location. You will receive a message as soon as your order is ready for collection.
Shipping times to foreign countries may differ, sometimes even within the same country.
Colour guides
Don't see a particular the material, powder coating or engraving color in Front Panel Designer? Please contact us and we will check if that color or material can be procured.
Material: All materials listed under Material can be machined. If you want to have another material machined, contact us – we’ll be happy to advise you. We cannot machine: steel, elastomers and epoxy resins containing fibreglass.
Powder coating and engraving colour: We can provide any colour you like. Simply tell us the RAL or NCS colour and also any gloss level and structure for the powder coating.
Cost for material and colour procurement
Starting at €23.70 net/€28.20 gross
depending on the complexity of the order
In-fill colour
(RAL or NCS colour)
€55.20 net/€65.69 gross
Powder coating
€83.05 net/€98.83 gross
Costs are charged on a one-off basis. We will store powder coatings or engraving colours you have ordered so you can also use these in subsequent orders.
Colour guides
In order to produce your front panel, we need an FPD file. FPD files are only created in Front Panel Designer and already contain the data needed for production.
If you are unable to use Front Panel Designer, we can provide an FPD design service for you. Simply send us a technical drawing of your front panel to and leave the rest to us. Ideally, please send us your data in DXF or STEP format. A dimensioned drawing is also preferable.
Cost for this service:
€23.70 net/€28.20 gross per quarter of an hour or part thereof
Computer monitor with front panel file open
Business card and front panel with company logo
Got a logo and want to have it engraved? Engraving files must be in HPGL format. You simply add these in Front Panel Designer using the HPGL import function. A guide to creating HPGL files can be found here.
If you do not want to create your own engraving file for your logo, we’ll be happy to do this for you. Send us a vector-based template to We can also vectorise your pixel graphics if you do not have a vector file of your logo.
Cost for these services:
Engraving design service: Price according to effort
Vectorisation: €80.00 net/€95.20 gross
Business card and front panel with company logo
Enclosure shielding
In order to improve the electromagnetic compatibility of your housing we can mill slots for the use of EMC spring contacts into the end faces of your front panel.
To order EMC slots, enter your requirements in the ‘Remarks for production’ field in Front Panel Designer, e.g., ‘Make EMC slots in the left and right end face’. Also choose a material with a chromated (passivated) rear side, to achieve the best possible shielding effect.
Cost for this service:
The costs for setting up and milling the EMC slot are dependent on the size of the panel. You can view the price on your order confirmation or get a quote in advance.
Enclosure shielding