Every front panel is an individual item. The size, selection of material, material thickness, drilled holes and engravings determine the production price. Front Panel Designer gives you full control over costs. You can display the final price at any time during the design process and understand it with the help of the detailed items list. For your orientation we have put together a number of price examples for you.

Price examples


Anodized aluminum with engraving
483.00 x 132.50mm
Net price: € 126,31
Price incl. 19.0% VAT: € 150,31 €


Anodized aluminum with engraving
Dimensions: 190.00 x 145.00 mm
Net price: € 75,38
Price incl. 19.0% VAT: € 89,70

Copyright: the lighting crew / Oliver Horn


Anodized aluminum with engraving
Dimensions:  93.50 x 119.00 mm
Net price: €  53,81
Price incl. 19.0% VAT: € 64,03

Copyright: SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH


Anodized aluminum (with printing)
Dimensions: 79.30 x 40.30
Net price: € 26,23
Price incl. 19.0% VAT: € 31,21

Copyright: Inovaflex Elektronik GmbH

Quantity discounts for front panels


1 – 4 units

5 – 9 units

10–19 units

20–29 units

from 30 units






on request

We are glad to provide information for larger quantities (from 30 units) on request. Quantity discounts apply to front panels which are manufactured from our material. If the material is supplied by the customer, the percentage discounts are halved.

Special procurement

Special in-fill colors and materials, which are not covered by our range of products, can be provided by us on payment of a surcharge.

in-fill color

RAL or NCS colors 250ml

€ 49.50 net/(€ 58.90 gross) 

Powder paint

1.000 gr

€ 49.50 net/(€ 58.90 gross) 

Material procurement

€ 20.00 net/ (€ 23.80 gross)

Production time

The production time for order values of up to 900 euros is normally 5 working days (maximum 8 working days) For larger orders, as well as special procurement, manufacturing may take a little longer. Faster deliveries are available for a surcharge.

delivery time

5-8 working days

3 Arbeitstag

1 working day





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