More than 20 years ago, we revolutionised the customised front panel business by developing Front Panel Designer, heralding customer-specific automated production in our company, long before the term Industry 4.0 was invented.
Today, as a medium-sized company based in Berlin and employing a staff of 60, we produce front panels, enclosures and milled parts with CNC precision. Our team includes people from the most diverse backgrounds, lifestyles and professions. Drawing on our pooled in-house expertise, we do our utmost every day to provide you with products of the highest quality. In practice this means that we produce every front panel to a customised order at our own facility, checking each one manually before they leave our premises. This is only made possible by the seamless organisation of internal teams within the company. Automating and digitalising work steps is a fundamental part of the corporate culture we embrace.
To ensure processes at the company remain independent and flexible, we develop our software in-house wherever possible using open source solutions. This applies equally to customisations in the free ERP system ADempiere and to optimisations in the production strategy – and of course very specifically and without exception to our Front Panel Designer.
You always have direct contact with us – irrespective of whether you have questions about Front Panel Designer or your order, or you need some technical advice. We really appreciate your feedback. Over the years, a lot of the innovative features in Front Panel Designer have started life as customer comments. Key milestones have included UV printing, glued-in studs and STEP export.
Across Europe, thousands of technicians, engineers, hobbyists and companies of all sizes place their trust in our long-standing production expertise and delivery dependability. We still have a lot of plans and will work passionately to keep impressing you with our quality, our service and innovation involving Front Panel Designer.
The Schaeffer Brothers