We offer two systems for the production of your housings in all dimensions:

Housing with side profiles

The housing is assembled from two identical side profiles with fixed heights in connection with two side and two cover panels, as well as an assembly kit. We offer side profiles in two heights.

Housing with enclosure profiles

The housing is assembled from four identical housing profiles in connection with two side and four cover panels. We offer two different systems for the assembly with housing profiles.



SKAARHOJ Schaeffer Housing Script

The SKAARHOJ company has developed a script, which we are so thrilled about that we have integrated it into Front Panel Designer.

Create your housing with one click and save yourself time calculating. The script automatically puts together all the configured FPD-files and auxiliary materials required for you!

You can see how this all works at skaarhoj.com.

The Schaeffer Housing Script is integrated in Front Panel Designer from version 4.4.0.
You can download the latest version here.


Housing with side profiles

You can have housings with side profiles and a height of either 42 mm or 56 mm put together easily by the Schaeffer Housing Script.
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Housings with housing profile

Housings with housing profiles are the right choice for housings with freely definable dimensions or removable side sections.
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Desk Housings

Desk housings are more demanding in terms of planning. The script saves you the bothersome calculations.
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Desk housings using free contour

The Schaeffer Housing Script even creates complex housings for you based on a defined free contour.
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