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For documentation and testing purposes, a print dialog box is available for you to create freely scalable views in full or outline mode distributed across several pages if necessary.

Print settings

You can choose from a list of installed printers, and can specify certain properties for the selected printer ("Setup..." button), e.g. the print format. If required you can create a print file instead of a printout.


With the button "Fit to page" you can ensure the optimum utilization of your chosen paper size. In the "Scale" spinner, the underlying size factor is displayed in %.

The three buttons "50%", "100%" and "200%" allow quick scaling regardless of paper size, while you can use the "Scale" spinner for fine scaling.

The print option "Tile print" (see next point) allows you if necessary to print the complete picture spread over multiple pages. This is useful if you require a printout at a certain scale.

Printing options

The following options are available to you when printing:

Print in wire mode: The shape displayed in outline mode is printed.
Print reference points: All references points are printed as they appear in View > Show reference points.
Tile print: With this option you can print the entire picture spread over several pages, so that you are not limited in scale.