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You can calculate the valid price for the current design at any time. In addition, you are not only informed of the valid discounts, but also of the positions in the price calculation, which result from manufacturing constraints.

Price calculation

If you click on the menu item File > Pricing… a box opens with the calculation of the price (including discounts) for the current design.

Below this is a list of all the objects you have created in the current design, including any necessary additional measures (e.g. tool changes), from which the price of the design is calculated.

If a new price calculation is valid in the meantime, which is always offered for download with an updated version of "Front Panel Designer", then an appropriate alert will appear.

Only one step away from ordering

By clicking Order > Order current front panel you can also have a brief look at the ordering program. It opens in the "shopping cart" view, which of course contains only your demo panel. Try out the effects the order quantity has on the discount and how much the faster options for the production service add to the surcharge. You can add other front panels with the top left button.

The main window in the ordering program is divided into a toolbar and a workspace with six tabs. The sequence of the six tabs corresponds to the steps required to place an order which are usually taken one after another – from filling the shopping basket through entering all of the ordering information, the fixing of production and shipping options to the generation of an overview before the final placement of your order online.

In the "Shipping" tab, the respective price for the selected delivery service is displayed, and the estimated delivery date is shown in the calendar. In the "Summary and order" tab, you have a complete overview of the shopping basket and the order value at all times.