Front panel with engraving and photo print
We offer the utmost flexibility for the design of your front panel. Information about design options is provided on this page. Also find out more about
Front Panel Designer can also be used to design complete enclosures. We offer different enclosure solutions. And you can, of course, customise all sections of the enclosure to your individual wishes. You can also directly order the right accessories for assembling the housing.
Milled part
Machine elements, prototypes, special parts: Make use of the full range of features included in Front Panel Designer to design customised milled parts for every conceivable area of application. Greater material thicknesses are also possible. Inner and outer contours can be designed freely using the DXF import.
Labelling sign
Use Front Panel Designer to design company signs and doorbell nameplates, rating plates and warning plates for machinery and equipment, and information signs for buildings. Our UV printing process is also perfect for decorative printing with a metallic character. Practically any conceivable shape and dimension are possible.
We primarily work with anodised aluminium. We also offer other surface finishes and materials. Try out a combination of different surfaces and engraving colours here:
Front panel with material and colour selection
Aluminium anodised
Aluminium powder-coated
In-fill colour
Luminous yellow (RAL 1026)
Pastel orange (RAL 2003)
Raspberry red (RAL 3027)
Signal red (RAL 3001)
Light blue (RAL 5012)
Sky blue (RAL 5015)
Gentian blue (RAL 5010)
Night blue (RAL 5022)
Turquoise blue (RAL 5018)
Luminous green (RAL 6038)
Mint green (RAL 6029)
Ochre brown (RAL 8001)
Jet black (RAL 9005)
Graphite grey (RAL 7024)
Signal grey (RAL 7004)
Pure white (RAL 9010)
Aluminium raw
Raw aluminium is unfinished. The surface is unhardened and the front may have scratches. It is an inexpensive alternative for front panels, enclosures or milled parts if the front does not have to be perfect.
Available material thicknesses (mm):
1,5 – 2 – 2,5 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 8 – 10
Acrylic glass (Plexiglas®) is particularly suitable for display windows. We stock transparent acrylic glass in the material thicknesses 2, 3 and 4 mm and red acrylic glass (semi-transparent) in 3 mm.
We can procure and machine the following materials on request:
Polyoxymethylene (POM)
PTFE (Teflon®)
Laminated paper (Pertinax)
Epoxy resin
Engraving materials
Non-ferrous metals
Aluminium types
Need another type of aluminium, e.g., cast aluminium or particular alloys of ‘aircraft aluminium’? Let us know!
We cannot machine steel, elastomers or epoxy resins containing fibreglass.
Materials in Online Help
19" front plate, pre-fabricated electronics enclosure, heat sink
Customer provided material
Got your own material that you would like us to machine? This is also possible, of course. We also machine customer-supplied material including finished or semi-finished parts (e.g., front panels, profiles or housing lids). Our CNC machines can machine all the materials listed on this page. If you cannot precisely categorise your material, just let us know and we’ll be happy to try out machining for you.
19" front plate, pre-fabricated electronics enclosure, heat sink
Front panel with engraving
Engraving is an elegant and lasting marking method. It meets the highest demands. Front Panel Designer provides a wide selection of fonts and simple graphic elements. The HPGL import function can also be used to position complex objects such as graphics, alternative fonts or your company logo on your front panel.
Many RAL colours are available in Front Panel Designer for your design selection. We’ll also be happy to procure any RAL or NCS colour that you want.
So that we can guarantee impeccable quality, engraved areas are in-filled by hand.
Engraving in Online Help
Information about engraving file design service: Engraving manual
Want us to create the engraving file? Your logo engraved
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Front panels with threaded bolts
You can position threaded bolts and bushes on your front panel. We also offer heavy duty studs in addition to the standard version. These are suitable for heavier parts (such as transformers). Both versions are available in different lengths with M2.5, M3, UNC #4 and UNC #6 threads. You can simply select them in Front Panel Designer.
Threaded bolts in Online Help
Side profiles and screws for enclosure
In our webshop you can find everything you need to assemble your enclosures. Side and housing profiles in any length, housing brackets, assembly kits and screw packs. You can also find silicon adhesive for fastening acrylic displays and electronic components. We check every housing order we receive to make sure the composition of the housing is correct and complete.
Comprehensive information on housing design and accessories in the Enclosure manual