• Holes with Threads & Countersinking

    A multitude of thru-holes and similar elements can be positioned on a front panel using the Front Panel Designer. By clicking on the dialog boxes or objects you can enlarge the representation of the property dialog box and have a detailed view of the possibilities available for the objects.

  • Lettering by Engraving

    In addition to objects for the processing of the front panels there are a number of objects available for lettering and decoration by engraving. Beside simple texts complex objects, such as e.g. your logo, can be imported using HPGL Import and positioned on a front panel.

  • What Else

    There is a multitude of additional functions included in the Front Panel Designer so that designing a front panel really does become child’s play. You can see a small selection here. Through clicking on a dialog box the illustration is enlarged including a description of the function.

  • UV printing

    Insert graphic files ( PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF) and print your front panel with customizable designs.

  • Starting with version 6.0, the Front Panel Designer includes a 3D preview. This way you can view your front panel from all sides and discover any design errors immediately.

  • Prices

    You can check the price for the manufacture of your front panel at any time during the design process. Yes, this is really the price for a single unit.

  • Order overview

    Orders of front panels can be put together comfortably with our integrated ordering program ...

  • Ordering

    ...and sent immediately online!

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