Licensing agreement

The software application "Front Panel Designer" is freeware and is made available to you at no cost. By installing, copying or otherwise using the "Front Panel Designer" software, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the following regulations, you are not authorized to install or use the "Front Panel Designer" software.

The files created using the "Front Panel Designer" software are only for use on the authors’ manufacturing machines.

1. Object

1.1. The object of this agreement is the computer program "Front Panel Designer" recorded on a data carrier as well as the available documentation either in written form or on computer storage media. The object of this agreement is simply the fundamentally usable software according to its description and instructions. The description of the software does not represent an assurance of features in the legal sense.

The authors grant the license holder the non-exclusive right to use the program in accordance with the following provisions.

1.2. The program is subject to the provisions of copyright. The rights of property and copyright for the "Front Panel Designer" software, the accompanying material as well as every copy of the software are retained by the author. The software is protected by copyright laws and international treaty provisions.

1.3. It may only be copied or distributed without modification and with this licensing agreement attached. Copying and distribution of the complete program archive is only permitted providing it takes place without charge.

Distribution and copying is not without charge, if the program is supplied with other objects, which are not provided free of charge, such as e.g. modems or journals. In case of distribution or copying for payment, then written permission from the author is required before the distribution or copying.

1.4. The license holder is not authorized to access the program’s source code or to make modifications of any sort to the program or its constituent parts. The license holder is not permitted to amend, decode, reverse engineer, decompile or to disassemble the software.

1.5. The license holder is authorized to install the software onto available hardware without charge.

1.6. The license holder is entitled to transfer or import data generated with the "Front Panel Designer" into other programs (for example CAD programs) using the export-filters. The data generated by the export filters - in particular the DXF-filter - may be used by the license holder exclusively for documentation purposes. The use and further processing of the data thus generated, as well as the transfer, either directly or with the aid of other programs for the purpose of controlling production machines, is prohibited. The license holder shall therefore refrain from using data generated using the export-filters and the "Front Panel Designer" to control production machines which are not owned by the licensor.

2. Warranty

2.1. The author warrants that the software will perform substantially as specified in the documentation. The author assumes no responsibility for the suitability of the software with regard to its intended use by the license holder.

Special features are not ensured. An effective warranty for features must be provided by the author in writing. There is no right to the further development or amendment of the program.

3. Liability

3.1. No claims for damages from the default in the performance of the contract, default at the conclusion of the contract and tort action are permitted against the authors or their vicarious agents, unless such damage can be proven to be the result of deliberate acts or gross negligence. In the event of a slightly negligent breach of the contract, the authors are liable only in the case that an obligation is not fulfilled, the fulfillment of which is of particular importance for the achievement of the purpose of the contract (cardinal obligation).

3.2. All claims for damages are excluded in the case of program errors, which were neither caused by the absence of guaranteed features, nor were fraudulently concealed.

3.3. The authors are under no obligation to support the license holder with guidance or in any other way when using the program. The author is grateful however for any information relating to hardware and software incompatibilities and other problems arising when using the program.

4. Other provisions

4.1. The place of jurisdiction is Berlin.

4.2. The invalidity of single clauses of this agreement does not affect validity of the remaining provisions. The authors and license holder are obliged to replace the invalid clause with a valid agreement, whereby economic success comes as close as possible to the success intended by the invalid clause.

4.3. Amendments and changes to this agreement must be made in writing. This is particularly valid for amendments to this requirement of the written form itself. The requirement of the written form is complied with when using a fax machine.