Online ordering

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The “Front Panel Designer” contains a module for ordering fully-designed front panels including optional enclosure components online. With this tool, order lists can also be stored as a shopping cart and be used as a model for subsequent orders.

Alternatively, purchase orders can be placed via our webshop with version 6.0 or higher of the Front Panel Designer. The preferred ordering mode can be configured under Edit > Settings > Interface. The ordering process for the webshop is explained separately here.

Ordering Process

The following points describe the process of an order after selecting the appropriate module in "Front Panel Designer".

Add all of the front panels required, either from individual files or from a previously generated shopping cart.
If the assembly of a complete enclosure is desired, all of the necessary components can be added from the integrated stock list and their dimensions adapted. The selection of the components required is described in search for items .
Adjust the quantities and check the resulting subtotal.
Define options for the production service (Standard, Eil, Express) and the delivery service (various UPS services, city courier, collection by the customer) and check the invoice amount specified.
Add invoice and shipping address as well as payment information to create a profile or select an existing profile.
Check order information once again and then either submit the order online or generate an order file which can be sent, for example, by email .
Print order if necessary and save it as a shopping cart, which can be used as a basis for further orders.
Up-dating of prices

The ordering program is part of "Front Panel Designer" and is therefore updated at the same time.

Please bear in mind that you will only be shown the valid prices in the ordering program if you are using the latest version of "Front Panel Designer".

Of course you can also make a purchase with an ordering program using a version of "Front Panel Designer" other than the current version. You will then receive the current prices with your order confirmation.

Online status of your order

With your online order confirmation you will receive a link to the status page of your order. There you can log in with the purchase order number assigned by you and the e-mail address you specified in your order.

Alternatively, you can also enter the online reference number provided with your online order confirmation in place of the order number and your zip code in place of the e-mail address.

You can also log in at any time on the homepage of our website.