Project management

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Here you will find a compilation of various project management options, which refer both to front panel files as well as front panel objects.

Export as DXF file

You can also export your front panel with File > Export in DXF format, in order to import it into other CAD designs or develop it in a CAD program for purposes other than manufacturing. Other export formats are planned.

Shopping carts as "project files"

The ordering module in "Front Panel Designer" is not only the hub for your online orders. You can also simply save a shopping cart you have put together for continued or future use, without it being connected to an order.

Organize recurring objects with macros

You can build up a user-specific Library of macros – i.e. your own combinations of milling and engraving objects – to make your front panel designs faster and less error-prone.

Save current settings as default

All settings that you make in the dialog box Edit > Settings – in particular for grids, units, languages and paths – you define by closing the dialog box with the "OK" button as the default for every new front panel if the box "Set as default" is checked.

If you have made your desired preferences available for future front panels projects in this way, we recommend that you reopen the dialog box and uncheck this box, so that your once determined global default remains unaffected by temporary changes which may be necessary on a case by case basis.