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In this chapter you will find the description of objects, procedures, as well as tips & tricks, the consistent use of which will significantly contribute to making the designs of your front panels effective, elegant, and – not least – help you avoid certain errors during their implementation.


Grid points

The definition of a suitable grid serves the simple placement of objects

Flexible origin

A flexibly movable origin is a substantial aid in the implementation of complex dimensions

Viewing options

The screen display can be customized in many ways

3D view

Three-dimensional representation of your front panel in a separate window


Without selecting, no editing – how single or multiple objects can be selected

File Management

Manage front panel files, shopping carts and macro databases


All of the input fields for numeric values interpret multiplication and addition = calculator


Printout of freely scalable views in full or outline mode

Groups & macros

Actions can be performed on jointly selected objects if they have been grouped

Programming interface (API)

Creating and editing front panels using JavaScript functions

Measuring function

Measure distances and angles between points