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Under the "Edit" menu item, the usual editing options – from Delete and Cut to Undo – can be used, a repeat function is additionally available, which is useful for example, for grid-like placement.

In order to edit object (s), …

... they must first be selected. In order to edit a number objects together, they must first be grouped.

Deleting, cutting, copying and pasting object(s)

Every selected object can be deleted, cut and copied:

Delete with Del (Del)
Cut with Ctrl + x or with Edit > Cut
Copy with Ctrl + c or with Edit > Copy

Each previously copied or cut object (i.e. located in the clipboard) can be inserted on the main plate:

Paste with Ctrl + v or with Edit > Insert

The inserted object will appear with a slight offset relative to the location of the reference point of the original object, if this is still on the main plate, and can then be further processed. (If you add it to another main plate for example, then it appears at the location of the reference point of the original object.)

If you want to assign a defined position to the copy of an object immediately, then instead of "Copy & Paste" you need to perform the corresponding movement actions with the original.

Undoing actions

Every last action performed with an object can be undone with Ctrl + z or with Edit > Undo: (Name of action) .

By repeatedly "undoing", each design stage can be successively restored.

Redoing actions

Every previously undone action can be redone using Shift + Ctrl + z . This editing feature is only available if an action (or a number of consecutive actions) has been undone immediately before.

Repeating actions

Every action last performed with an object can be repeated with Ctrl + r or with Edit > Repeat: (Name of action) .

This command can be used for example to continue to move an object by previously set increments on a trial basis or to produce consecutive copies of an object in an previously fixed grid.