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All objects have a reference point with absolute coordinates in relation to the origin. Furthermore, each object belongs to an object type with specific properties. Both the position as well as the specific properties can be selectively changed.

Dialog boxes for changing object properties

The properties of an object can be changed in the respective properties dialog box, which can be opened for any object in the following ways:

Double clicking on the object in question
Selecting the object in question (not valid for the main plate itself) and pressing

Alt + Enter or select

Properties… from the context menu or click

Selection > Properties (for the main plate press File > Front panel properties… or Ctrl + f)

Alternatively, you can also use the dialog box "Object properties" on the left of the screen. The specific properties of the individual objects are described in the chapter "Design elements".

Dialog boxes for changing the position of the object

All of the actions described in the chapter "Moving" can be used to change the position of an object.

Alternatively you can use the dialog box "Object properties" on the left of the screen (see below) to directly determine new absolute Cartesian coordinates for the selected object.

Dialog boxes for changing the type of object

In principle, you cannot change the type of object – a drilled hole remains a drilled hole and cannot be converted into a rectangular cutout.

An exception is made for the line, rectangle and ellipse engraving objects, where the properties dialog box permits a transition between these three forms.

As long as objects are grouped, their object-specific properties are not deleted, however they cannot be edited.

Table of object properties

The table on the left of the screen displaying the properties of the selected object provides an immediate overview of all of the object properties including its absolute position.

As all of these entries are editable, an object can be extensively modified here, however the preview function is not available.