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The final object to be inserted is a rectangular cutout. Here again, it is particularly useful to first move the origin of the main plate.

Reset origin

Since the cutout is to be positioned in the upper section centrally to the sides, it is advisable to set the origin of the main plate at the center of the upper boundary line. To do this, please click on the "set origin" icon:

The icon bar appears for you to choose between the different methods of determining the origin of the main plate. Please select the icon "Enter coordinates based on a corner of the front panel":

If you are now move the cursor to the center of the upper boundary line, then this will be "snapped" to the appropriate point of the main plate (click the left mouse button when the desired corner is "snapped").

Select "Rectangular cutout"

To create rectangular cutouts, please select the icon "Insert rectangular cutout" or click Insert > Rectangular cutout.

An icon bar appears for you to choose between different methods of positioning the reference point of the rectangular cutout (= the center of the cutout). Please select the icon "Manual coordinate entry":

Position cutout

The dialog box "Determine reference point" now appears:

In this dialog box, please set the absolute X and Y coordinates to the following values:

Absolute X coordinate: 0 mm
Absolute Y-coordinate: -15 mm

Please press "OK".

Select the cutout properties

The "Rectangular cutout properties" dialog box now appears:

Enter the following values in this dialog box:

Width: 20 mm
Height: 10 mm
Corner radius: 0 mm

Now press the button "OK".

Tip for dealing with inner radii of the cutout corners To adjust a cutout to receive a rectangular component with "sharp" corners (outer radius = 0), the inner radii of the corners of the cutout must be set to 0 mm. Then the corners will be removed by a tool with the smallest diameter, by first drilling holes in the relevant corner points. Otherwise the corner radius would remain at the value resulting from the radius of the tool used to make the cutout.