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We now need to label the holes. In principle, we proceed in the same way as we created the row of drilled holes: We create a "mothertext engraving", move its copy and then repeat this action n times.

Reset origin or refer to the reference point of an existing object?

Formally, every new object can be positioned in relation to the origin which has been previously established according to the requirements, before the coordinates of the new object are entered with the aid of the "Manual coordinate entry" icon:

As the position of the text for labeling the holes in this case can of course be directly related to the drilled holes, the option "Enter coordinates relative to the reference point of an object" should be chosen from the icon bar which appears after selecting text engraving:

Select "Text engraving" element

To create the "mother text engraving" for the desired row of labels, please select the icon "Insert text engraving" or click Insert > Text Engraving.

The icon bar appears so you can choose between the different methods of positioning the reference point of the text engraving (= left aligned to the text margin). Please select the icon "Enter coordinates relative to the reference point of an object":

Tip for the display of reference points Toggle the display of the reference points (as little red crosses) with the <U> button.
Position text engraving

The dialog box "Determine reference point" now appears:

Please set the relative DX and DY coordinates to the following values:

Relative DX coordinate: 6 mm
Relative DY coordinate: 0 mm

Now press the button "OK".

Select the text engraving properties

The dialog box "Text engraving properties" now appears:

In this dialog box, please set the following variables to the values given below:

Text: "Text 01"
Text height: 2.5 mm
Font: DIN17, 1-stroke
In-fill color: Pure white (RAL 9010)
Tool: Engraving tool 0.4 mm

You can accept all of the other default settings.

Now press the button "OK".

Clone and duplicate text engraving

Please mark the text engraving you have created by clicking on the object or drawing a frame around it. Perform the cloning and copying in the same way as for the row of drilled holes.

Comment on the separate generation of rows of drilled holes and text engravings In principle, it would have been quicker if we had created the text engraving immediately after the drilled hole and then cloned and duplicated the objects together.

Try this out by deleting the lowest seven holes (draw a frame around them and delete), mark the two remaining objects (drilled holes and text engraving) by drawing a frame, and then submit them to the same procedure as described for the drilled holes.
Changes to the text

Please change the text of the duplicated text engravings to "Text 2" through to "Text 8".

To open the Properties dialog box for one of the text engravings (as well as for any other object) you have several options:

Double click on the object
Select object and enter

Alt + Enter select

Properties… from the context menu

Selection > Properties select

Alternatively use the "Object Properties" dialog box on the left of the screen. This can also be toggled with Ctrl + o or with View > Object properties .