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On the "Interface" tab in the settings dialog box (Ctrl + e) you can specify the language of the program, configure the mouse wheel, and organize the databases, whose catalogs of macros should be made available to the Macro Manager.


You can choose between German, English, French and French. A new selection only applies after the next time the program is started.

The language is adapted to the operating system language during installation. If this is not German, French or Spanish, then "English" is generally set.

Mouse wheel

Choose whether the mouse wheel should vertically scroll the display of the front panel or zoom in on it. The other function is then available in combination with Ctrl .


If this box is checked, antialiasing is used in the graphic representation.

Version control

With set hooks compares the program when you start the online version of the installation with the version available for download on the internet and displays an appropriate message if they do not match.

Integrate additional databases with macro files

The "macro files..." button option to access a list of all currently integrated databases. Die Makros einer eingebundenen Datenbank werden im Makromanager als Katalog mit einer Ordnerhierarchie dargestellt.

Mit dem entsprechenden Button können weitere vom Anwender auswählbare Datenbankdateien der Liste hinzugefügt oder markierte Einträge aus ihr entfernt werden.

Reset messages

You will come across notification windows at various places in the program. You can deselect these using ‘Don’t show this message again’. Click the ‘Reset messages’ button to show deactivated messages again in the future.

Webshop options

‘Use webshop instead of offline ordering program to place an order’: In the Front Panel Designer, the use of the ordering program is initially set by default. If you would like to use the webshop, select this option.

‘Realise webshop communication via a secure HTTPS connection’: If your system cannot establish an encrypted HTTPS connection, clear the check mark for ‘Realize webshop communication via a secure HTTPS connection’. You will then enter the webshop as a guest, having the option to log in later.

‘Link FPD files with the following webshop account when ordering’: If you have created a user account in the webshop, you can select this option and also enter an e-mail address and password that you used to sign up for the webshop.

Detailed information on using the ordering program and the webshop is provided in the Order chapter.