Stock list

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Our stock list contains all the items you need to assemble a customized enclosure based on our side or housing profiles.


The ‘categories’ from the corresponding search in the ‘Search for items‘ tab refer to the following items:


Associated items

Enclosure extension parts

Standard housing brackets in different packaging sizes

Assembly kits

Kits to assemble the side panels (all profile systems) and for mounting the cover panles (Housing profile 2), one per enclosure


Side profile, Housing profile 1 and 2 model profiles


Optional accessories and aids


Assortments of screws and nuts for the assembly of the side and cover panels of several enclosures and for mounting housing brackets

Front panels

Naturally the front panels designed by you are not a part of the supplied stock list. They are added to the shopping cart by selecting the appropriate file. This is done on the "shopping cart" tab. All other items are added to the cart on the "Search for items" tab.

Profiles as enclosure elements

Profile type



Side profile


Freely adjustable in two fixed heights, widths and depths, PCB slot is possible

Housing profile 1


Freely adjustable in all dimensions

Housing profile 2


As HP1, but increased stability through the screwing of 2 of the 4 cover panels with the profiles

Accessories for enclosure assembly



Assembly kits

When assembling the profiles, one assembly kit is needed to fasten each side panel to the profiles. This also includes a set of rubber feet. For the "Housing profile 2" type, 2 of the 4 cover panels are fastened to the profiles with an additional assembly kit.

Screw packets

When assembling a larger number of one type of enclosure, packets of screws can also be used instead of the assembly kits. Screw packets are also available for mounting the optional housing brackets.

Assorted nuts

An additional screw and nut packet is required for the assembly of "Housing profile 2" type.

Housing brackets

From certain sizes, housing brackets are recommended for stabilisation.