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You can start the program for processing an order from "Front Panel Designer" or launch it as a stand-alone application. The workspace of the ordering program is clearly structured with thematic tabs.

Starting from Designer

You can start the ordering program from "Front Panel Designer" by clicking Order > Start ordering program.

Starting as a stand-alone application

When you install "Front Panel Designer" an icon for the ordering program is also created in the Program Manager. You can therefore open the ordering program in the same way as "Front Panel Designer" itself.

After installation, "Front Panel Designer" is available as an application, so you can only start the ordering program from within this program.

After installation, both the Front Panel Designer and the ordering program will be listed as available applications, which can be opened independently of each other.

Overview and procedure

The main window in the ordering program is divided into a toolbar and a workspace with six tabs.

The sequence of the six tabs corresponds to the steps required to place an order which are usually taken one after another – from filling the shopping cart through entering all of the ordering information, the fixing of production and shipping options to the generation of an overview before the final placement of your order online.

You can use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the tabs to switch between the different stages of the ordering process. Of course you can also switch between tabs by clicking on the appropriate tab.

Defining settings

To change the language or if required, to configure a HTTP proxy (in corporate networks for instance), please use the appropriate button in the upper toolbar:

Screenshot Front Panel Designer