Method of payment

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In the "Method of payment" tab you can choose between different payment methods in the appropriate list box. Information that we require for the settlement of payments is requested for certain options.


This option is available to our customers from industry, trade and education & research.

For private individuals, we reserve the right to have the first two orders settled by one of the other payment methods.


Direct debit from your bank account

To use this option, you must enter certain information relating to your German bank account. Please understand that a direct debit within the EU is not possible at present.


Credit card

To use this option, you must enter certain information relating to the credit card you intend to use. Please note that we only accept credit cards which are issued by VISA or by MasterCard .

By asking you to re-enter your credit card verification number every time you order, it is ensured that the credit card is actually present when the order is placed and cannot be misused by a stranger who has managed to discover your credit card number.

The verification code on your VISA card or MasterCard is on the back of the card and is made up of the last three digits of the number to the right of the signature strip.



With your order confirmation you will receive the necessary information for payment.

Shipping can only be made after receipt of the invoice amount. If you wish to make use of our express service, please clarify by telephone how these two options can be made mutually compatible.

Cash on collection

When your ordered items are ready for collection, you will receive an email with the corresponding information. If you prefer, we can also contact you at your specified telephone number.