Addresses and profiles

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In the "Addresses" tab, you have the option of entering the invoice number and, where required, alternate shipping address, including the necessary contact information such as telephone and email address. There is also a possibility of taking this information from a profile or creating one.

Saving information relating to payments

Bank and credit card details (except for the card verification number which must always be re-entered) are incorporated into the profile and, like all other information, is saved encrypted and also transmitted encrypted.

Using a profile

On starting the ordering program, no profile is active. In the list box "Selected user profile", the entry "No profile" is pre-selected.

If you have ordered before, and saved the input data relating to address and payment method as a profile, you can use this data by again selecting the name assigned to that profile from the list box "Selected user profile". If you assign a password to the profile, then this will be requested before reading the data.

You can customize the data read in as you like. When you exit the program or if you change profiles, you will be asked if any changes made to the current profile are to be saved or discarded. To applythe changes directly, you can select the option "Save profile" from the list box "-- Manage profiles --".

Create profile

The current entries for address and payment method can always be saved as a new profile by selecting the appropriate option from the list box "-- Manage profiles --". Please note the information on the saving of payment information in the profile.

Changing a profile

If you would like to change the entries in an existing profile, you must first load it and then change the entries in question. You save your changes with the "Save profile" option from the list box "-- Manage profiles --".

Otherwise you will also be asked when you exit the program or change the profile whether the changes you have made are to be applied to the current profile.

Managing profiles

You can delete and rename existing profiles, change their passwords or add them at a later date. These options are available to you in the list box "-- Manage profiles --" at any time.

Invoice address

In this tab you enter all the information required for accounting.

If you leave the default tick in the check box "Shipping address is the same as the invoice address", then the invoice is sent automatically with the shipment to the address entered here.

If you wish to specify a separate shipping address, please uncheck this box. For further details, please see the following point, "Shipping address (optional)".

Shipping address (optional)

In the "Shipping address" tab the box "Shipping address is the same as the invoice address" is checked by default, which means that the invoice and shipment are sent to the invoice address.

In order to transmit a separate shipping address with the appropriate contact information, you must first uncheck the box "Shipping address is the same as the invoice address". Then the contact information entered in the shipping address tab refers to the recipient of the shipment, whereas the contact information entered in the invoice address tab should ideally refer to the "Accounting" department.

If there are separate invoice and shipping addresses, the order confirmation will be sent to both e-mail addresses.