Visual and technical features

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Engraving or printing? This is not just a question of cost, but also of the technical features. The optical effect must also be taken into consideration. We would like to briefly compare the various options.


Engraved and colored lettering and design elements such as lines or frames are ubiquitous in equipment technology and in machine and apparatus construction. It can be seen that a certain effort has been used in machining. They stand for durability and resilience.

Logos that are engraved and in-filled with color also have a "technical" touch, which emphasizes the robustness and soundness of the unit. Nevertheless, a fully hardened paint surface is not as robust (e.g. scratch-resistant) as an anodization print.

Engraving objects generally stand for clear and consistent information. They not only provide information and orientation, but also underline a certain image.

UV Printing

In contrast to engraving, a UV print appears simple or indeed elegant, even when the density of information is high. Above all the good durability, the large color space and high color brilliance are worthy of mention.

Where the target group allows it, the design options available to UV printing can be fully exploited for the benefit of front panel and enclosure design.