Curved slot

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For a curved slot please first select Insert > Curved slot and place the object. In the subsequent dialog box "D-hole properties", you can then determine all the desired properties.

What is a "Curved slot"?

A curved slot is formed when two circular sectors of equal arc length and with different radii are laid on top of each other at the reference point with the maximum overlap and then the common occupied area is removed. What remains is the "curved slot":

Curved slot properties

After placing the object you can set the following variables for the required curved slot in the properties dialog box:



Inner radius

Radius of the inner arc of the curved slot (for the radius of the outer arc, see: Width)


Difference between the inner and outer arc of the curved slot

Arc length

Angle between the two radii which span the curved slot

Corner radius

Inner radii of the 4 corners of the curved slot

Angle of rotation

Rotation angle of the curved slot around its reference point


Tool with which the inner contour of the rectangular cutout (possibly to finalize) is created, whereby the smallest possible radius of the contour can be set if necessary

Edge machining >>>

The option of producing both edges of the curved slot with either a bevel or a rounding (details).

Do not produce object

If you do not want to produce curved slot, but to place it on the front panel for information purposes only - for example as a marker -  then check this box.

Generate areas with curved slots

Inlets and outlets for fans in particular can be very elegantly created with an arrangement of curved slots. You will also find a number of macro objects for this in the standard catalog.

You can basically create your own arrangements by constructing a template for each radius, setting the origin as its reference point, then click Selection > Rotate on the first copy of the template and continue repeating this process with Ctrl + r until the circle is filled.