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  • Shipping options


    The order application isn't listing any shipping options to an address in Ireland. Is it possible to submit the order via email?

    Thank you,


    Posted By: Mark on Jul 17, 2014 03:10AM Category: Ordering

  • Flared holes in panel

    Can you provide flare holes in aluminium panels, please see attached.

    Posted By: Mikael Lindqvist on Jul 07, 2014 10:26AM Category: Production

  • Combining shapes

    I would like a shape which is effective two circles 'joined up' by a rectangle. I've set it up in FPD as two D-shaped holes with a rectangular hole in between, but obviously, the corners of these shapes are not square/sharp. Will the shape which is cut out arrive with smooth/sharp corners if I set it up as per the attached FPD file?

    Plus, I've included two rectangular cavities at the top and bottom of the panel, so that I effectively get a two 1mm deep 'ledges' - will this work as I have set it up?

    Sorry, but it's difficult to describe in words. Hopefully, the attached file will make it clear what I'm trying to do!



    Attached File: SME_IV_mounting_plate.fpd

    Posted By: Richard Dubourg on Jun 23, 2014 06:30PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Stud/Standoff


    I have a few queries in relation to the studs and standoffs on a 3mm black anodised panel.

    -How are the studs fixed to the panel?
    -What kind of weight loading can reliably he hung from the studs?
    -Will there be any marks on the top side of the panel where the studs are installed?

    Thank you,


    Posted By: Mark McCandless on Jun 20, 2014 02:56AM Category: Production

  • material length before bending

    I'm making a front panel for a pc case which will be bended in a "U" shape.
    i'm stuck because i need the length of the bend ( marked with red in the photo).i need the lengt of the straight material before bending.
    i attach some photo whit the dimmensions (in mm). the material is anodized aluminum 5 mm thick.
    and i also have a question abouth the bending process is possible to bend the material after all the milling and drillinng operations?
    thank you!

    Attached File: Untitled-1.jpg

    Posted By: Petrescu Stefan on Apr 29, 2014 05:20PM Category: Production

  • Drill holes within cavity

    I am designing a layout to be cut onto my existing 10mm panel, file attached.
    There is a centre cut-out for an LCD display, surrounded by a cavity into which a perspex filter will fit.

    Within the area of the cavity there are 4 threaded holes for mounting the LCD. I would like these to be through-holes but when I try to select this in FPD I am told that the max depth is 7.5mm. Since the holes start within the cavity the actual depth would be 7mm - BUT is the hole drilled before the cavity is cut?

    I could place the holes on the reverse side but this would add to the cost.
    Is there any way around this?


    Attached File: dac-front.fpd

    Posted By: Simeon Walker on Apr 27, 2014 11:27AM Category: Front Panel Designer

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