Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also send CAD data for the production of the front panel or do I have to send a Front Panel Designer file?

We are also glad to manufacture your front panels on the basis of your technical drawings. As our production data are exclusively generated using Front Panel Designer, your data has to be transferred to this format. We charge for this service according to the time involved at a rate of € 19.34 gross (€ 16.25 net) per quarter of an hour or part thereof. Please send us your data ideally in DXF or STEP format. A dimensioned drawing is additionally desirable. We will gladly send you a non-binding quotation in advance.

What are the manufacturing tolerances?

Whereas the positioning accuracy of the machine tools is 0.02 mm, manufacturing tolerances of 0.05 up to 0.10 mm can generally be expected due to tool wear etc.
If you want to specify a drilled hole for a round connector for example, you should add 0.2 mm (0.3 mm for a D-hole) to the diameter of the thread and specify this as the diameter of the drilled hole so that it fits well.
Please refer to our Online help for further information.

What materials can you process?

In addition to various aluminum alloys, we are able to process copper, brass and various plastics (e.g. acrylic, POM, ABS, PVC, PC, ...). We can also procure some of these materials for you on request. It is unfortunately not possible to process steel and epoxy resins containing fiberglass.

How can I order a panel with UV-Printing?

From version 5.0, Front Panel Designer supports all the common graphic file formats such as PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG or BMP. Any number of graphics you require can be placed on your front panel, which can then be scaled, cropped, moved or rotated. You can check the price directly in the program and use the ordering function to place an order for your front panel.

Only our anodized aluminum is suitable for UV printing. Powder coated aluminum as well as any kind of customer-supplied material is unfortunately excluded. Subsequent anodizing is also technically not feasible in combination with UV print.

Learn more about printing settings in our informationsheet.

How can I order a panel with bending and what data must I provide?

We are happy to bend your front panel according to your sketch of the bending or your technical drawing. For this we require the following information:

  • Bending radius (may not be smaller than the thickness of the material)

  • Bending angle

  • Leg length (at least 10 mm)

Milled objects should be positioned at least 10 mm from the bending edge.
If you are unable to comply with these parameters, contact us and we will check the feasibility of your requirements. You can send the sketch for the bending by email to

Is it also possible to have special colors for powder-coated panels or in-filled engravings?

We are happy to procure special colors on request. Enter the desired RAL color in Front Panel Designer in the "Remarks for production" section of the front panel properties box. We charge a flat rate fee per color of € 58.90 gross (€ 49.50 net) for the special procurement and store the color for you, so that you can also use it for subsequent orders

Can changes be made to an order after it has been placed?

For this, please contact customer service. Depending on the the current production status and the changes desired, additional costs may be incurred. On the day the order is placed, orders can usually also be changed without additional cost.

What do I have to bear in mind when sending my own material for processing?

When supplying material, customers must take care to ensure that the material supplied has exactly the same outer dimensions as the .fpd file. Furthermore, the .fpd file may only contain objects which are not as yet present on the material. For example, if a panel already has system holes, these must not be marked in the .fpd file. So that we know exactly how the panel is to be clamped on the machine, its lower left corner should always be marked.

You can send the material to us by post (also UPS, Fedex, etc.). Please include our reference number on your delivery note. You will be given this as soon as you have placed your order.

How quickly can you deliver my order? Can I speed up delivery?

The normal delivery time is 5-8 working days, with more than 90% of the orders leaving our company on day 5. Faster delivery times are also possible for an additional charge.
The following express surcharges apply:
3 working days: 100 % surcharge
1 working day: 200 % surcharge 

How can I order if I do not want/am unable to use the online tool?

The ordering program integrated in Front Panel Designer also works offline. You can use this to put your order together. At the end of the ordering process, you can also save your order as an order file rather than sending it to us online. To order you can send us this file by email to
If you would like to place an order based on a quotation we have made, a written order including a reference to our quotation is sufficient.

How can I get a quotation?

If you have already generated your front panels and require a written offer for your ordering process, this can be requested directly using Front Panel Designer.
To do this, click on "Request a quote" in the "Summary and ordering" tab in our ordering program.
If you are unable to use Front Panel Designer, please send us your technical drawings or CAD files along with a request for a quotation to

What is the status of my order? When will I receive my panels?

The delivery date is specified in your order confirmation.
You can check the current status of your order on the homepage of our website. All you need for this is your email address and the purchase order number. In the email confirming your order, you will also find a direct link to the status of your order.

How do I set thicknesses greater than 10 mm in Front Panel Designer?

We can process aluminum in thicknesses up to 20 mm. As we do not have thicknesses greater than 10 mm in stock, these must be procured specifically. If you require such a panel, simply set 10 mm as your thickness in the .fpd file and write the actual thickness required in the "Remarks for production" section.
Please note that certain small holes and cutouts can only be milled to a limited depth. Our Customer Service will be glad to assist you.

Can you also process the end faces (outer edges) of my front panel?

Yes. It is also possible, in addition to the front and reverse faces, to process the end faces of a component in Front Panel Designer. In order to do this, a second file will need to be created in Front Panel Designer. The dimensions of the end face to be processed must be included in this file. You basically draw the top view of the end face and place your desired objects on this. It is important to select the option "customer-supplied material" for the end face file.

Please make a note of which end face is to be processed in the "Remarks for production" input field. For example: "Right End Face of file XXX".

Your question is not listed here?

You will find comprehensive information in our online help or also in our forum.

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