Digital Printing

Engraving is a tried and tested method of permanently labeling front panels and other information carriers. It reaches its limits however when required to display very complex graphics or very fine details.

This is the reason we decided more than four years ago to add digital printing to our service catalog and have been inspiring our customers ever since with brilliant and high resolution printing on aluminum.
With this process it is possible to include all the features you know from conventional printing: expressive designs, a large spectrum of colors, color gradients and picture printing.


One key reason why we manufacture using UV printing is its durability. Our UV printing demonstrates high scratch resistance and high UV resistance along with very good resistance to chemicals and many solvents.

A special feature of UV printing is that the ink does not fully penetrate into the material, but remains on the material to be printed. This allows for a large color space, as well as a brilliant and opaque application of color. White is now finally available as a color allowing you to print on colored plates as well.


  • good durability
  • large color space
  • high color brilliance
  • white available as a color
  • colored plates can also be printed
  • no minimum quantities


Printing or engraving?

Printing is the ideal process for you, if you want to

  • have a creative and lively design
  • show photos or small-scale graphics
  • use a large number of different colors
  • include scripts such as Arabic, Cyrillic or Chinese
  • display large quantities of text

You can order production starting from one piece!

Digital printing is a simple, quick and inexpensive procedure. We print your template directly onto the plate, eliminating the need for the costly creation of printing plates.
And our standard service applies to digital printing as well: You can order production starting from one piece!

And this is how it works

From version 5.0, Front Panel Designer supports all the common graphic file formats such as PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG or BMP. Any number of graphics you require can be placed on your front panel, which can then be scaled, cropped, moved or rotated. You can check the price directly in the program and use the ordering function to place an order for your front panel.

Print specifications & support

Do you have any questions about digital printing or require assistance to create your print file? Contact us, we will be glad to help you.


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